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Tough Lunches of the 21st Century

April 14, 2006 – “Heartbreaker” Location: Bennigan’s Brewhouse & Beefbarn This was when my first wife dropped the bomb on me. We had gone out that day for the Steak & Nearly-Nonstop Salad Bar Special, but the woman didn’t even … Continue reading

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This Has to Stop

Mike O’Malley He’s a chubby, unkempt schlub who wears a baseball cap to hide his shame. How about taking some of that money you spend on sweatpants and buy yourself some hair plugs? Better yet, just stop appearing on television … Continue reading

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Best of: Daily News Headlines

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The Godfather’s Day Off

A Don’s life moves pretty fast…

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The Legend of St. Patrick’s Day

Anybody can pop a can of Schlitz and get blackout drunk on St. Patrick’s Day. But did you know the historical significance of the ‘Irish Holiday?’ A long, long, long time ago- let’s say 1962- Ireland was a gorgeous pastoral … Continue reading

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Mr. Wizard’s World

Scientist Warren Kruger shares his knowledge with kids… What is a light year? 365 days with fewer calories. Next… Why doesn’t alcohol freeze? Spite. Alcohol is a stubborn liquid, known in the scientific community as water’s angry cousin. When exposed … Continue reading

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Hilarious Seinfeld Bloopers!

Excuse me sir, do you like to laugh?

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